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  The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) was created to help people like this take part in the Canadian economy. If you are a temporary foreign worker or a foreign student, and have skilled work experience in Canada, you may be in a good position to move from temporary to permanent residence under this.

This program has simple and straight forward method of selection. An applicant, who wishes to stay in Canada as a Quebec-selected skilled worker, needs to apply for Quebec Selection Certificate. Applicants are required to demonstrate their ability to become economically established in Quebec.

The Federal Skilled Worker Class is prescribed as a class of persons who are skilled workers and who may become permanent residents on the basis of their ability to become economically established in Canada and who intend to reside in a province other than the province of Quebec.

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If you are a citizen or permanent resident of Canada and at least 18 years old, you can sponsor certain relatives to come to Canada. Your relatives can live, study and work in Canada if they become PR. Sponsor your spouse, partner or dependent children,  parents and grandparents and other eligible relatives.

If you want to extend your stay in Canada as a student, you must complete the Application to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay in Canada. Check the expiry date on your study permit, and make sure you apply before that date. You should apply for renewal at least 30 days before your current permit expires.

Parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents have a new option for visiting Canada. As of December 1, 2011, you may be eligible to apply for the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa – which is valid for up to 10 years and allows an applicant to remain in Canada for up to 24 months at a time without the need for renewal of their status.

To work in Canada after you graduate, you must apply for a work permit under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP). If you want to stay in Canada as a permanent resident after you graduate, there are a number of programs available, each with its own requirements.Type your paragraph here.

List of countries whose citizens need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or a visa to visit or transit through Canada Find out what you need to visit Canada as a tourist or business person, how to extend your stay in Canada and what documents you need to carry with you to transit through Canada.

The Federal Skilled Trades Program is for people who want to become permanent residents based on being qualified in a skilled trade.
Important Note: As of January, 1, 2015 candidates for the Federal Skilled Trades Program will be selected to apply through the Express Entry System.

As of January 2015, there is a new system to manage how people with skilled work experience apply to immigrate to Canada. It is called Express Entry. Under Express Entry, people will first fill out an online profile that includes their language test scores, their Educational Credential Assessment (if they need one) and outlines their work experience.

With some significant exceptions, before hiring a temporary foreign worker, the employer must first apply for a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) from Service Canada. The Labour Market Opinion evaluates how Canadian employment is affected when a foreign worker is hired instead of Canadians or permanent residents.

Canada has been one of the favorite destination. Students come to Canada from over 100 countries and enjoy one of the most multicultural and diverse atmosphere       while    studying in   institutions  which   pride themselves with high quality of education and research opportunities.

There are now three ways to apply for permanent residence through the Caregiver Program. You may apply for permanent residence through any of the options you are eligible for:

  • Caring for Children Pathway
  • Live-in Caregiver Program
  • Caring for People with High Medical Needs Pathway

Most provinces and territories in Canada have an agreement with the Government of Canada that lets them nominate immigrants who want to settle there. In many cases, applicants apply directly to a province or territory to be considered under its Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

A person who is not a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident who wishes to work in Canada requires a work permit. Depending on the nature of the activity, a person may be exempted from requiring a work permit by virtue of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and IRPR.