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Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor their spouse, common law partner or conjugal partner to come to Canada and live here as permanent residents. If the person to be sponsored is already in Canada there is an option available to file an application inside Canada.

There are some restrictions on Spousal sponsorship’s and on sponsored spouses as well. Please talk to us to discuss your case. Processing time of the application depends on several factors including the country where the application is filed.

One of the most important factor that causes a delay in processing the application is missing information and documentation. we make sure every application gets the desired attention by our experts and try to prepare a meticulous application so as to ensure that the application is not delayed because of missing or incorrect information. Recently there have been some substantial changes to Spousal visa processing. On one hand this has made application processing difficult for applicants with fake marriages on the other hand there is more reason for genuine applicants to be careful with their applications. Please talk to us to know more about your chances of sponsoring your spouse

The process of spousal immigration outside Canada can be broadly categorized into two main divisions. In the first process the office responsible for processing the application will make sure that the sponsor is eligible to make an application for sponsorship and all the documents are in order. Once this preliminary assessment is complete the application is forwarded to the relevant visa office for the final determination of the application.

Spousal Sponsorship and Visa